This simple course will provide you with an understanding of the key herbs and spices and their combinations which are foundation to Indian cookery. The course will teach you how to make simple delicious every day dishes that you can recreate in the comfort of your own home.

The courses will start with a demonstration and then, with the ingredients provided, you will be let loose in the kitchen to recreate the recipes . Your delicious creations can then be taken home to enjoy with your friends and family.


Building on from the beginner’s course, this level provides a deeper understanding of the Indian Cuisine. We’ll be making classic dishes such as Lamb Roganjosh, Chicken Garam Masala, Biryani’s, vegetarian dishes such as Aachari Baingn, and breads of India which form the staple diet of most Indians on a day to
day basis.




Whether you are a vegetarian or would just like to learn how to experiment more with vegetables, this course is for you!

The varieties of vegetarian dishes available in the Indian Cuisine are phenomenal. Tasty dishes can be produced from locally available vegetables and more exotic ones, which are now available in most shops and supermarkets. Within this course we shall be exploring how to cook these vegetables whilst creating delicious, healthy vegetarian meals.

Breads of India

In this workshop you will learn to make differnt types of breads for eg. Naans, Chapatti’s and Parathas. A very enjoyable total hands on experience.


  • Half Day Workshop – £85 per person (4 hours)
  • Full Day Workshop – £120 per person (6 hours)
  • Breads of India & Snacks of India – £40 per person (3 hours)
  • Please note we offer a 25% discount for working in pairs

Note: All ingredients will be provided and your creations will be chilled for you to take home.